The Barbados Estate Agents &
Valuers Association

The main reason for incorporating BEAVA was to enable us to campaign the Government to recognize BEAVA INC. as the governing body for the industry.

To this end we have had to ensure that standards are in place and have set out to institute a system of monitoring and policing the industry, to increase public confidence and to ensure the integrity of its members.

The Company has embarked on providing continuing education for its members through the dissemination

of pertinent publications, data and forms, and the hosting of seminars and an annual Symposium which is attended by the legal and banking sectors, government, and the public, as well as estate agents.

Source: The Barbados Estate Agents & Valuers Association

Barbados Land Tax Department

The Land Tax Department was established in 1983 as a result of a merger of two Departments within the Ministry of Finance; the Land Valuation Division, which was responsible for the valuation of all real property and the levying of Land Tax, and the Rates and Taxes Division, which was responsible for the collection of Land Tax as well as a number of other taxes e.g. Motor Vehicle Tax, Pedal Cycle Tax, and Dog Licences etc.

The main functions of the Land Tax Department are:-
  • The valuation of all real property in Barbados on a triennial basis.
  • The preparation of a Valuation Roll and a Land Tax Roll.
  • The collection of Property Tax.
  • The Valuation of properties under the Land Development Act and the collection of Land Development Duty.
Other functions include the assessment of property for the Government for the following purposes:-
  • Property Transfer Tax.
  • Compulsory Purchase Cases.
  • Negotiated Sale or purchase of property.
  • Valuations may also be done for private persons on request for a fee.
  • The Land Tax Department is also represented on the Standing Valuation Committee which advises the Government on land matters and negotiates on its behalf in cases of sale or purchase by either compulsory acquisition or private treaty.

Source: Barbados Land Tax Department

Barbados Tourism Authority

The Barbados Tourism Authority's functions are to:

  • promote, assist and facilitate the efficient development of tourism; to design and implement suitable marketing strategies for the effective promotion of the tourism industry;
  • to make provision for adequate and suitable air and sea passenger transport services to and from Barbados; to encourage the establishment of amenities and facilities necessary for the proper enjoyment of Barbados as a tourist destination;
  • to carry out market intelligence in order to inform the needs of the tourism industry;
  • to register, license and classify tourist accommodation according to the standard of amenities provided;
  • to register and classify restaurants catering primarily to tourists; according to the standard of cuisine and amenities provided;
  • to register and regulate such forms of service for tourists as the Minister determines;
  • and to do such other things that in the opinion of the Authority would facilitate the proper discharge of its functions or would be incidental or conducive thereto.

Source: Barbados Tourism Authority

The Ministry of Education and
Human Resource Development

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHR) is the Government agency responsible for the formulation of educational and human resource development policies and for the administration and regulation of education and human resource development programmes.

The education system caters to approximately 59 500 students annually - 28 000 at the primary level 22 000 at the secondary level and 11,459+ at tertiary level including those enrolled at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill campus.

Within the education system there are presently 71 public primary schools, 1 infant school, 4 public nursery schools, 23 public secondary schools, 7 assisted private secondary schools, 2 assisted special schools, 1 public senior school, 20 registered private schools, 3 tertiary-level institutions (namely UWI Cave Hill, Barbados Community College - BCC and Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic - SJPP), 1 teachers' training institution and 1 central administrative agency.

In addition, there are 3 departments, namely Media Resource Department, School Meals Department, and the Education Project Implementation Unit.

Source: The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development